Who we are

VIM Onlus/NPO - The Association of Italian Volunteer Associations for Madagascar

VIM - NPO was created by the will of some Italian associations operating in Madagascar to better manage communication and synergies between the various organizations for volunteering operating in the Malagasy territory.
The association is a non-profit organization and has as its fundamental inspiring principles equality, equality and equal opportunities for all human beings and the affirmation of cooperation between peoples, the culture of peace, solidarity and multiculturalism.
The main sectors of intervention of the associations that are part of VIM are: health, education, training, distance support and environment.
VIM wants to bring together all the energies that come from the various associations to work towards a common goal which is Madagascar. The intent is also to bring to light a situation that would require the attention of International Cooperation; Madagascar is at the bottom of humanitarian aid because it is perceived as a tropical paradise, but unfortunately it is one of the five poorest countries of the world.
With this in mind, VIM also collaborates with local associations operating in Madagascar precisely because it is in sharing with the Malagasy people themselves that those changes that are useful and appropriate for the socio-cultural context of the country can take place.

Board of directors of the association:
     Marco Sassi: President
     Lorenzo Del Rizzo: Vicepresident
     Igina Scaramuzza: Treasurer
     Alessandro Greco
     Carmelo Sgarito
     Giambattista Fiorese
     Paolo Mazza
     Maria Savaré
     Carine Matthijs

     Nella Rossini
     Vincenzo Russo
     Sandra Ferretti